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Author Index
to Items Published (or reprinted) by the Air Force Historical Studies Office

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Allison, George B. AFHSO staff Anderegg, C. R. Arakaki, Leatrice R. Ballard, Jack S. Beck, Alfred M.
Bednarek, Janet R. Benson, Lawrence R. Berger, Carl Bergeron, Randy G. Bilstein, Roger E. Blumenson, Martin Borowski, Harry Bowers, Ray L. Boutz, Gary M.

Braxton, Eisel Buckingham, William A. Cameron, Rebecca H. Cantwell, Gerald T. Carter, Kit
Cate, James L. Chenoweth, David Christiansen, Betty Barton Coleman, Hubert A. Controvich, James T. Cooling, B. F. Copp, DeWitt S. Crackel, Theodore Joseph
Craven, Wesley F. Cresswell, Mary Ann Cunningham, Meghan Davis, Richard G.
Dixon, Joe C. Douhet, Giulio Eastman, James N. Edmonds, Walter D. Ehrhart, Robert C. Endicott, Judy G. Finney, Robert T. Fletcher, Harry Fox, Roger P. Frisbee, John L. Futrell, Robert F. Geffen, William Gorn, Michael H. Grandstaff, Mark R. Greer, Thomas H. Gropman, Alan Gross, Charles J. Gruen, Adam L. Hall, R. Cargill Hallion, Richard P.
Hanable, William S.

            Case Studies in the Use of Land Based Aerial Forces In Maritime Operations, 1939-1990Hanak, Walter Hansell, Haywood S. Harahan, Joseph P. Harmer, Todd P. Hartzer, Ronald B. Haulman, Daniel L. Hennessy, Juliette A. Hitchcock, Walter T. Holley, Irving B., Jr. Hurley, Alfred F. Jamieson, Perry Jefferson, Mary Lee Johnson, Robert M. Johnson, Stephen B. Jones, Priscilla D.

Kan, Kenneth C.
Kenney, George C. Knaack, Marcelle Size Kohn, Richard H. Kreis, John F. Kuborn, John R. Lavalle, A. J. C. Leary, William M. Levis, Alexander H.
Link, Mae Mansavage, Jean
Marion, Forrest L. Mark, Eduard Mason, Herbert A., Jr. Maurer, Maurer
McAndrew, James

McClendon, Earl
McCarthy, James R.
McFarland, Stephen L.
McIsaac, David
Meilinger, Phillip S.
Miller, Roger G.
Miller, Samuel Duncan
Mitchell, Vance O.
Momyer, William W.
Moody, Walton S.
Mortensen, Daniel
Mueller, Robert
Nalty, Bernard C.
Nanney, James S.
Neprud, Robert E.
Neufeld, Jacob
Null, Gary   Orange, Vincent
Osur, Alan M.
Paszek, Lawrence J.
Peebles, Curtis
Putney, Diane T.
Ravenstein, Charles A.
Rayfield, Robert E.
Reddel, Carl W.
Reed, William B.
Renfrow, James A., Jr.
Rouland, Michael R.

Russell, Edward T.
Schaffel, Kenneth
Schlight, John
Schneider, Donald K.
Schweikart, Larry
Shaw, Frederick J., Jr.
Shiner, John F.
Smith, Donald G., Jr.
Smith, Richard K.
Smolenski, Mary C.

Snyder, Bernard J.
Sturm, Thomas A.
Tate, James P.
Terrill, Delbert R.
Thompson, Wayne
Tilford, Earl H.
Titus, James
Trest, Warren A.
Tunner, William H.
Underdal, Stanley J.
Van Staaveren, Jacob
Warnock, A.Timothy
Watson Jr., George M.
Weaver, Richard
Williams, Kenneth H.
             US Relations With Iraq: From Mandate to Operation Iraqi Freedom

Wittig, Barbara
Wolf, Richard I.
Wolfe, Martin
Wolk, Herman S.
Wright, Monte D.
Yardley, Laura E.
Y'Blood,William T.

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