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Special Studies/Blue Books

The 55 special studies listed below were researched and written by historians working at the Air Force Historical Studies Office (AFHSO) during the 1960s and 1970s. The AFHSO was then known as the USAF Historical Division Liaison Office and, later, as the Office of Air Force History.  While the general theme of the blue book series was the U.S. Air Force in Southeast Asia (Vietnam), there are blue books covering many Air Force topics of interest.

Blue Books are only available electronically.
tabSoutheast Asia - Vietnam 
Titles are abbreviated:

The Administration Emphasizes Air Power, 1969

Air Campaign Against North Vietnam, 1966

Air Power Helps Stop the Invasion and End the War, 1972

B-57G--Tropic Moon III, 1967-1972

Close Air Support Operations, 1961-1973

Deployment Planning for SEA, 1966

Development and Employment of Fixed Wing Gunships, 1962-1971

Electronic Countermeasures in the Air War Against North Vietnam, 1965-1973

FAC Operations in SEA, 1961-1965

FAC Operations, 1965-1970

End of US Involvement, 1973-1975

Logistic Plans and Policies in SEA, 1965

Logistic Plans and Policies in SEA, 1966

Logistic Plans and Policies, 1968-1969

Logistics and Base Construction in SEA, 1967

Manpower in Limited War, 1964-1967

Night Operations, 1961-1970

Plans and Operations in SEA, 1965

Plans and Policies in South Vietnam, 1961-1963

Plans and Policies in South Vietnam and Laos

R&D for SEA, 1965-1967

R&D for SEA 1968

RF-101 Voodoo, 1961-1970

Role of Air Power Grows, 1970

Shield for Vietnamization and Withdrawal, 1971

Search for Military Alternatives, 1967

tabVarious Topics 
Titles are abbreviated: 

Air Force and Contract Management, 1961-1965

Air Force and the National Guided Missile Program, 1944-1950

Air Force and the Worldwide Military Command and Control System

Air Operations in the Lebanon Crisis of 1958

Air Operations in the Taiwan Crisis of 1958

Airborne Operations: WWII and Korean War

Airpower Deployments in Support of National Policy, 1958-1963

Changing Character of Air Force Manpower, 1958-1959

Command and Control for North American Air Defense, 1959-1963

Command and Control System, 1950-1966

Counterinsurgency Doctrines and Capabilities, 1961-1962

Defense Budget for Fiscal Year 1961

Evolution of Command and Control Doctrine for Close Air Support

Laos Crisis of 1959

Logistic Preparations for Limited War, 1958-1961

Logistics, 1958-1959

Manpower Trends, 1960-1963

Nuclear Propulsion for Manned Aircraft: the end of the Program, 1959-1961

Plans and Policies for the Ballistic Missile: Initial Operational Capability Program

Quest for an Advanced Manned Strategic Bomber, 1961-1966

Special Air Warfare Doctrines and Capabilities, 1963

Strategic Command and Control Systems, 1958-1963

Strengthening of Air Force In-House Laboratories, 1961-1962

Strengthening USAF Airlift Forces, 1961-1964

Strengthening USAF General Purpose Forces, 1961-1964

Tactical Operations: WWII and Korean War

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